"There is fried chicken, which is crunchy-chewy-juicy bliss, and there is hot fried chicken, which just might make you swoon, not only because it is dizzying delicious but because it is thermonuclear," Stern says. "Here, after being fried to a golden crisp, the parts are dipped in simmering barbecue sauce for a hot-pepper zest. It belongs in a food group of its own."


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By: Parabellum
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@ 2010-06-18 15:52:30
The real McCoy: conveniently on the way to absolutely nowhere, a nearly half-century-long track record of goading customers into making the pilgrimage anyway, and a unique twist on the standard recipe that makes a convincing bid for poultry immortality. Following the lead of the late Mr. B. W. Keaton, the kitchen staff still fries the chicken until slightly crisp, then baptizes it in a boiling vat of the house barbecue sauce. Order at the counter, then once your number gets called, peel back the waxed paper from your plate and take a bite of the Old South.