Difficulty in securing a site for the Langston portabranch delayed its construction until 1983. Of concern to library officials was the placement of the new library in a visible location that would allow it to draw new patrons. The preferred site was the corner of 26th Street and Benning Road on the grounds of Spingarn High School. At first, school officials resisted transferring the parcel for use by the public library, but eventually, in June 1979, the Regional School Superintendent approved the use of the land.

The new Langston Community Library opened on April 14, 1983. The pre-fabricated, circular building was constructed of unbreakable glass, steel, and brightly colored aluminum panels. The interior contained several innovative features including circular shelving. Air conditioning, heating, and a public toilet were provided. The building was designed by Portastructures Industries, Incorporated, which specialized in portable facilities. Langston Community Library was opened with a permanent collection of 6,000 books supplemented by daily deliveries from the central library.

Today, Langston Community Library continues its involvement with the community. Circulating nearly 11,000 books in 1996, Langston ranks first in circulation among the four community library branches. In addition, the library offers film and story hours for pre-school children and a variety of programs for school-age children. The library's collection excels in self-improvement literature and popular titles. The library operates on the same full-time schedule as the local branch libraries.
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