Lo Wu KCR Station is the northern terminus of the KCR East Rail of Hong Kong, sitting in the Closed Area on Hong Kong's northern frontier. The station serves as a primary checkpoint for rail passengers between Hong Kong and mainland China.
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@ 2006-01-15 05:16:02
Actually, that train station is completely on the China side of the border and is the main passenger train station for the Lo Wu area of Shenzhen. If you click the "down arrow" once on the map, you can see the train station on the Hong Kong side. The station on the HK side is the KCR's Lo Wu station. The 1 track that joins the 2 is for the cross boundary train that joins HK with the mainland. That cross boundary train leaves from Hung Hom station in Kowloon. Thus the 2 sides do have the same gauge trains.

Anyone crossing at Lo Wu using the KCR would get off in the building on the south & east side of the river. You'd go through immigration in that building and then take the foot bridge across the river to China immigration.

Passengers are not allowed to change trains directly in the building in the center of this picture.

Hope that helps.
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@ 2009-08-31 17:44:56
I have another question. I renewed my Chinese visa 90 days on July 6 when I re-entered the country. Would the deadline for leaving China be on October 6 or when I counted the days, 90 days would be on October 3. How do they work that?