On March 23rd, 1994, at about 11:53pm, a 36-inch diameter underground gas pipeline located here exploded, causing a huge fire in very close proximity to the Durham Woods apartment complex, situated just southeast of the pipeline. In fact, the closest buildings in the complex were not much more than 400 feet away from the pipeline.

The ensuing fire destoyed all 3 apartment buildings bordering the sports courts, and also all 4 buildings immediately behind those first 3. Some of the buildings adjacent to those first 7 also suffered considerable damage.

There were no lives lost as a direct result of the fire, as the loud noise of the explosion perpetuated an immediate evacuation, but one woman who lived in the complex died of a heart attack during the fire. Her estate won $585,000 after a settlement with Texas Eastern Transmission Corp., the company that was responsible for the pipeline.

Since 1994, many new buildings have been constructed due south of the explosion location. Some of these buildings are situated closer to the pipeline site than the original buildings are. The new buildings are all built off Donnybridge Rd., which runs to the west of the original complex.
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