This is the location of the 26 May 2012 attack of homeless man Ronald Poppo by Rudy Eugene.

In the harrowing attack, which has shocked America, 31-year-old Eugene originally from Haiti, chewed lumps of flesh from the face of Mr Poppo.
In the extended video footage of the attack - which lasted almost 20 minutes - a number of people can be seen cycling and driving past and doing nothing to stop it.

After arriving on the scene, officer Jose Rivera shouted at Eugene to stop but he simply got up and growled and continued eating at the man's face.

Eugene was then shot and killed by the Miami police officer.
Initial tests revealed that Eugene had a number of undigested pills in his stomach, according to the Miami Herald.
Marijuana was also in Eugene's system at the time of the attack.

It is believed that Eugene may have been on ‘bath salts’, a potent hallucinogenic drug, when he carried out the gruesome assault.
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