A huge number of M113 Armored Personnel Carrier variants have been created, ranging from infantry carriers to nuclear missile carriers. The M113 Armored Personnel Carrier has become one of the most prolific armored vehicles of the second half of the 20th century, and continues to serve with armies around the world into the 21st century. Not without its faults, the otherwise versatile chassis of the M113 has been used to create almost every type of vehicle imaginable. Few vehicles ever created can claim the application to such a wide range of roles.

M577: This variant is used as a command vehicle, generally as a tactical operations center (TOC). The passenger compartment is raised to 74.75 in (189.9 cm). The compartment has a commander's hatch with no weapons mount or vision blocks. A tent is carried on the top rear and attaches directly to the rear of the track to provide greater work space. Multiple M577s can be connected via the tents forming a larger operations center. An additional fuel tank is mounted in the right rear of the compartment. Long-range communications is expedited by the use of a hand-cranked extendible antenna system. A 4.2 kW auxiliary power unit (APU) is mounted on the right front of the vehicle to provide 24 volt power. The APU can be dismounted using a davit (crane) carried on board and sandbagged for noise suppression. A single APU can provide power for two M577s. The compartment includes features such as map boards, folding tables, radio, computer terminals and other command and control equipment.
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