Malo (formerly known as St. Bartholomew) is an island in Vanuatu, 5 km (3.1 mi) off the southern coast of the larger Espiritu Santo in Sanma Province. It has a circumference of 55 km (34 mi) and an area of 180 km2 (69 sq mi). In 1979 the island had a population of 2,312.

Like most of Vanuatu, the island is of volcanic origin. The highest point on the island is Malo Peak, at 326 m (1,070 ft) above sea level.

The main products of the island are copra and cocoa grown on plantations.

There are two main cultural groups on the island of Malo, the cultural group of Auta that inhabits the western part of the island as well as the cultural group of Tinjivo that inhabits the eastern portion of the island. Both these cultural group speak a variant of the Malo language. Malo is also the name of the Austronesian language spoken on the island.
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