Martin "The General" Cahill (May 23, 1949 – August 18, 1994) was a prominent Irish criminal from Dublin.

Martin"The General" Cahill was a well-known Irish criminal from Dublin,who was involved in several high profile burglary, Shake-downs and kidnappings cases.

Cahill's life story was made into a movie In 1998. The film titled, The General, starred, Brendan Gleeson as Cahill and Jon Voight as Inspector Ned Kenny.

This was Martin Cahill's former home before he was gunned down on August 18, 1994.

Please remember that this is a private residence. Please do not trespass on the property,knock on the door, or do anything to disturb the residents.
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A Street interview with the real Martin"The General" Cahill, who always hid his face with his hand. If you get a chance watch "The General," it's a pretty good movie about Cahill's life.