This is strange. It looks like a driving course. There is a large garage facility in the upper right. There are s curves and zig zags and figure eights. But the broad boulevards seem like a city layout.

Is this a training facility for driving tanks in an urban environment. It looks well maintained. I can't see any supporting military facility near-by.
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By: kjfitz


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Analogman picture
@ 2005-08-12 07:47:48
I think your guess is right on. It's a military driver training facility. Remember, in China most young men coming into the military are draftees and, in all likelyhood, have never driven a car, let alone a truck or tank. I've seen imagery of former Warsaw Pact training bases with similar layouts. The figure 8s are used to practice backing vehicles towing a trailer.
Analogman picture
@ 2005-08-12 07:50:27
Also, the heavy, black T-shaped marks on the concrete pad at the top of the facility look like tire marks from repeated backing practice. That's where the guys learn to back a trailer into a loading dock, garage, or perhaps a revetted area.
nico picture
@ 2012-10-11 18:00:35
I have also discovered a few of these driver courses around China, I find them to be very useful as it seems to indicate a military base/depot/HQ near by.