The Minceta Fortress, with the magnificent battlements, has been dominating the city for centuries. It was the symbol of the city's freedom and a defying challenge to all impudent fellows; today it is still one of the most beautiful symbols of the city. Minceta was built by excellent architects. Nichifor Ranjina built the first, the smaller one, square-shaped, in 1319. Later on a new part has been added to it and thus it was given the present monumental round shape. This was done by the famous Renaissance architect, the Florentine Michellozzo Michellozzi, together with one of the greatest Croatian Renaissance architects and builders called Juraj Dalmatinac. The building of the tower was finally completed in 1464, on the basis of the plan made by Juraj Dalmatinac. One can get a wonderful view of the city and the whole of its surroundings from the heights of this impressive building.
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