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Pdunn picture
@ 2006-10-15 12:25:38
Here the link to that map:
Parabellum picture
@ 2006-10-15 17:18:08
Thanks Dunn. Let's see if we can find a shot of the chopper towing the minesweeping sled.
Pdunn picture
@ 2006-10-15 19:52:07
Now that would be cool.

It looks like our best chance to find one sweeping is find the missing sweeper in the "North" views. The south view shows a total of 4 sweepers, all oriented toward the water, which makes me think that was the Live Local aircraft's first pass, before the hookup with the Sea Dragon pictured in the North views. Either that, or the south view is the culmination of the excercise, after all the sweepers had been retrieved (assuming there were only four).

The east and west views were both taken long before or after the excercise took place, with none of the heavy equipment or scaring on the sand from the event visible.
Pdunn picture
@ 2006-10-15 20:05:06
Stay in the "north" view and come down the beach from the west and you run into this view:

Showing four sleds with two facing toward the water. Somewhere in this area, we should be able to find a second Sea Dragon, because one map farther, and there are only three sleds in the "north" view, with one connected to dda's Sea Dragon.