Delivery of the first of 6,353 Sabres began in December,1948. It was America's first swept wing fighter. During the Korean War, the Sabre and their pilots won air superiority in the Korean skies with a 14 to 1 kill ratio over the Mig 15's of North Korea. All 36 Allied jet aces of the Korean War flew the F-86.

The F-86 Sabre served with the air forces of 20 other countries, including Australia and Canada. An all-weather version, the F-86D, with a redesigned nose to carry the radar, was the first to have all rocket armament and to have only one person operating the radar fire control system and flying the aircraft. The D model, known as Sabre Dog by its pilots, was the most produced model. The F-86, at one time, also served with the 84th Fighter Squadron that was based at Castle Air Force Base.

The aircraft on display at Castle Air Museum is a bomber version of the Sabre. It has a larger engine, air intake and fuel capacity than that of the standard fighter version. It was recovered from a child's playground in Arizona. It now bears the markings of an aircraft assigned to "A" Flight, 16th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 51st Fighter Interceptor Group, when the Group was stationed in Korea during the Korean War.
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