Very similar to the other sites in the area along with the support buildings.

I only make out three launchers and it isn't clear that they have missiles mounted. There looks to be anothet three launchers clustered in the parking area of the buildings.

I assume this site is being set up or taken apart.

Perhaps there is some rotation of activation among the three sites with one or more taken out of service for rest / maintenance.
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By: kjfitz
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@ 2005-11-23 15:33:48
Close, but it's an SA-3 site, not SA-2s. The launchers are quad-rail versions, and the radar in the center of the site is a "Low Blow" missile control radar. 125 meters NNW of the radar you can make out five trucks, at least four of which are carrying a pair of SA-3 missiles each. You can also see a whole bunch of SA-3 missile canisters. They're the spark-plug shaped items grouped in the parking area to the west of the three-bay, roofless "garages" just north of the missile transporters. The two vehicles at the end of the cable, on the east side of the site, are likely search radar associated, possibly a "Flat Face" target acquisition set.

The presence of all of these elements at a site with paved roads and permanent buildings leads me to believe that this is the missile unit's garrison facility. Some sites have only three launchers instead of four, as that is all they have operationaly available.

4-rail SA-3 launcher -

Low Blow radar -

SA-3 transporter with missiles -
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@ 2005-11-23 15:50:44
Analogman, you are awsome. Thanks! These are the exact type comments i was hoping you'd make when i posted these.
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@ 2005-11-23 19:52:58
No problem. Keep 'em coming.