Chili dogs and deep-fried pierogies. That's your lunch. Where are you? If you answered Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley, count yourself among the Roadfood congnoscenti. What French fries are to most of the fast-food eating populace, fried pierogies are to the Lehigh Valley. And what Yocco's is to Allentown, Pete's is to Bethlehem.

Pete's, which calls itself the hot dog king, has been a fixture on Bethlehem's Southside since the heydey of the steel production that took place less than a mile down the road. Take that drive east today and you'll discover that Bethlehem Steel is now a casino, complete with Emeril Lagasse eatery, but Pete's is still slinging chili dogs and pierogies on Broadway.
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By: Parabellum


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