For 149 years now, "La Petatera" bullring is a singular case in the bullfighting world, not only because it appears and disappears as if by magic art, but also because it's built without using a single nail to become the stage of the traditional annual festivities at Villa de Alvarez.
More than a bullfighting arena, the "Plaza La Petatera" is considered a historical cultural jewel, worldwide recognized, which arises as a rainbow with all its splendid color.
It takes it's name from the material that it's assembled each year, a task in which two months are used to boost this original bullring, where only wood, rope and mats ("petate") are used, and from where takes it's name.
Once "La Petatera" fulfills its mission, it's taken down, and the materials it's builded with are guarded for a whole year by two families, who, by tradition, gladly pay for this magnificent, interesting and positive work.
Since 1943 "La Petatera" has been the stage of formal corridas, during the first week of February of every year.
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