Originally RNAS Cattewater, Mount Batten was Royal Naval Air Service seaplane base 1917-18. In 1918 the Royal Naval Air Service merged with the Royal Flying Corps to become the Royal Air Force and base was active until 1922. The base was famous for a moment in May 16th 1919 when US Navy Curtis NC 4 flying boat landed there after the first transatlantic air crossing. The base reopened in 1928 as RAF Mount Batten and was active as a seaplane and flying boat base until 1945. RAF Mount Batten became maintenance base in 1946 and served as such until 1959. In the 1950's the RAF operated search and rescue launches there and the base was finally closed in 1986. Two original aircraft hangars still survive as well as seaplane ramps leading to deep water.
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By: Hinkkanen
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