RAFAEL, Israel Armament Development Authority, is a world leader in the development and production of advanced interdisciplinary weapon systems for naval, air and ground forces. In addition to ongoing close cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces, RAFAEL Armament Development Authority provides technology tailored to the needs of a long list of customers including some of the world's leading armed forces. The Propulsion and Explosive Systems Directorate provides all propulsion, pyrotechnics and warhead requirements for RAFAEL armament systems purchased by Israeli and overseas Customers. Comprehensive facilities are available in RAFAEL to cover all aspects of research, design, development, manufacturing and testing of solid-propellant rocket motors with a wide size range. Static firings of solid rocket motors are conducted in well equipped remote controlled test stands. The research, development, manufacturing and testing of solid rocket motors is supported by RAFAEL's Metal Technologies Center, which handles production of metal motor components.

The Rafael operation in Haifa is reportedly the location of a nuclear weapons design laboratory (Division 20), a missile design development labortatory (Division 48) and a weapons assembly plant.
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