At $12 or so, Red's is not Maine's cheapest lobster roll. But it has consistently proven itself to be Maine's best. More than a whole lobster goes on the toasted, buttered bun - plenty of claw and tail meat. Melted butter and/or mayonnaise on the side. That's it. Nothing else. That's all a lobster roll should be. Aesthetic purity at its most delicious.

There seems to be nothing that Red's doesn't do well. Have since tried both their hot dogs and their batter fried clams. I'm not a fan of batter clams, but if I were, and thanks to Reds I might convert, I'd rate these excellent.

The hot dog is actually a "Sturdly." That's a hot dog with cheese. Had mine topped with onions, bacon and mustard, too. Asked why it's called a "Sturdly." The answer didn't shed all that much light, "It's a New York thing. They put celery salt on their hot dogs."
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By: Parabellum
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