This was one of the largest SAC bomber bases in the country, known as Walker Air Force Base until 1967, when it was shut down. It is now a civilain airport known as the Roswell Industrial Air Center. During WWII, it was called Roswell Army Airfield, and in 1947 it became fomous for its involvement in the notorious 1947 Roswell UFO incident. Though the UFO actually crashed on the nearby Brazel Ranch, representatives from the military based here at the time went out to examine the wreckage at the ranch, and brought it back to this facility. There is little doubt that something unusual did crash. The Air Force has recently released documents "proving" it was an experimental balloon-suspended nuclear test monitoring device. UFOlogists say these documents are just another layer in the cover-up. Several outlying airfields were associated with Roswell AAF, and as Maxwell AFB, several missile silos were constructed around the base. Roswell was also the location of rocket pioneer Robert Goddard's lab and test site in the 1930's.
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