Skamlingsbanken is a big hill located in Jutland, Denmark between the cities Kolding and Christiansfeld and is with its peak 113 meters above sea level, the highest point in South Jutland. It is located in Vejstrup Parish.

The bank is 2-3 km long and was created during the ice age of clay that has been pushed up from the Little Belt of a glacier. The region is very rugged and natural. From the top, also called Højskamling, one can see far beyond the region. The area has been the setting for several major historic public meetings, including during and after the disputes over the Schleswig-Holstein territory. When peace has occurred, however, an exchange of territories between the kingdom and duchy. In this regard, eight non-Jutland parish in the northern part of Tyrstrup Herred, including Vejstrup Parish was transferred to the kingdom. Thus was Skamlingsbanken after the peace within the Danish borders.
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