This SAM site is a target on Jefferson Range.
Jefferson Range is located in the northern portions of Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge (BONWR), or former Jefferson Proving Grounds, in southeastern Indiana, just north of the Ohio River Community of Madison. The range is located on 1033 acres in the northern third of the old Jefferson Proving Grounds in Ripley County, Indiana. The main range buildings are located in the north-eastern corner of the complex.

The WISS is designed to provide support to the fleet in the training of pilot and aircrews at Tactical Training Ranges (TTRs) in the delivery of airborne ordnance. The WISS is an electro-optical instrumented system designed to accurately measure the impact location of air delivered ordnance (usually bombs, rockets, or mines) with respect to the target center. The targets vary from a latitude/longitude position on water to fixed bull’s-eye, buoys, barges, and moving land targets (MLTs).
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