The great and ancient stone circle of Stonehenge is one of the wonders of the world. What visitors see today are the substantial remnants of the last in a sequence of such monuments erected between circa 3000BC and 1600BC.

There has always been intense debate over quite what purpose Stonehenge served. Certainly, it was the focal point in a landscape filled with prehistoric ceremonial structures.
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By: yrtemmys


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Anonymous picture
@ 2005-07-14 13:22:20
And which part of that blurred mess is stonehenge exactly?
Anonymous picture
@ 2005-07-16 04:42:41
In the middle of it u could see Stonehenge with a better resolution. I also searched for it but since U cannot see anything here I decided not to post it.
Bubble picture
@ 2006-02-09 14:09:35
The black rectangle in the middle of the map is the car park and information centre for Stonehenge. The structure itself is opposite the car park on the other side of the road. It lies about 30 yards from the road. You cannot discern it at all at this resolution.

kjfitz picture
@ 2006-04-22 18:24:37
Now in High Res!