The name Suntec is derived from the Chinese character "xin da", meaning "new achievement". Suntec City is a fascinating synergy of state-of-the-art technology and meta-physical symbolism. Inspired in particular by the mandala, an ancient philosophical representation of the universe as well as Chinese geomancy or fengshui, its buildings and features are arranged to create harmony and attract good fortune.

The majority of the Suntec City consortium are among the most successful of the business leaders of Hong Kong. By this long-term investment, they demonstrated their confidence in and their commitment to Singapore and its future.

Their vision for Suntec City is to make the complex "the business capital of Asia". They brought their experience, gained from the exhibition and convention centre in Hong Kong, to improve on the design for the Singapore project. The result is a handsome complex, the centrepiece of which is a column-free convention centre of 12,000 square metres, capable of accommodating 12,000 convention delegates. The advanced infrastructure for TV, Cablevision, Televiex, Teletext and ISDN for video conferencing are all in place. Suntec City is a credit to Singapore and testimony to the business acumen of the consortium led by Frank Tsao.
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By: DonMartini


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