Széchenyi furdo is one of Europe's greatest spa complexes. A physiotherapeutical department, run as part of an outpatient hospital, in addition to the medicinal water and the lovely surroundings, ensure the healing for visitors.

This spa is not only extraordinary for its medicinal water and the large area it occupies, but is also special for the care manifested in the architecture of its facilities; the sculptures and glass mosaics decorating the spa were made by Hungary's leading artists.

The spacious and sunny pool halls bear a touch of the Roman fondness for spas, and the tub bath reflects the signs of the Greek and Scandinavian bath cultures. These are shown in the saunas, baths and steam rooms available at the different departments. The present building of the spa was completed in 1913. The Szecsenyi swimming pool was built in 1927, and following that it was converted to the winter season, it is open to visitors all year long. Also in 1927, a bath department and a complete physiotherapeutical department were added as part of an outpatient hospital.


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