Built: 1974-1980
Maximum Height: 326 meters / 1,071 feet

Like some fantastic UFO rising into the sky, the observation and dining levels of the Vilnius TV tower have become more than a landmark for this Baltic nation – they represent its struggle for freedom and independence. It was at this tower in the waning years of the Soviet Union that more than a dozen people gave their lives as the Communists struggled to keep their empire from slipping through their fingers. The TV tower unites a people with its programs, and its iconic presence. It is a focal point for festivals, holidays, and rallies of all sort.

December, 2000 - Using long strings of lights, the tower is turned into a giant Christmas tree. The tradition continues each season until 2010, which is Lithuania’s 1,000th anniversary.

13 January, 1991 - Soviet tanks storm the tower to stop broadcasts advocating Lithuania’s independence from the Soviet Union. 14 people were killed and 500 wounded.

Apparently, one can also bungee jump from the tower as well.
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By: AlbinoFlea
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