The first emplacement that was built here in 1942 was a temporary one, consisting of four 155mm guns, Model 1918M1, serials 872, 783, 1080, 235 (Minneapolis Steel and Machine Co.), on tractor-drawn carriages, Model 1918M1, serials 572, 694, 328, 746 (Minneapolis Steel and Machine Co.), set in concrete "Panama mounts" at Odiorne's Point. Three of these mounts are still visible today. The fourth is buried under some brush. The center of the gun carriage was placed over the central "hub" of the mount. The towing trails of the carriage were set on the steel rails on the outer ring, to allow for a full 360ยบ field of fire. The guns were originally temporarily set up at Frost Point in field emplacements in 1941. Four earth-covered concrete magazines were built behind the gun mounts (two forward and two rear), along with a Battery Commander's Station. These structures no longer exist, however the concrete foundation of the #2 forward magazine can still be found. This battery served until 1944, when the other new batteries here were completed.
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