Formed under Felicio Brandi was a center of training for Cruzeiro’s professional team until 2002. Today it is used exclusively for the Cruzeiro’s youth squads. Built on a 53 ft² land area. The complex offers athletes as will as the technical commission of the youth categories of Cruzeiro four training fields, dressing room, training room and a medical department. A pavilion of 100x25 meters shelters the hotel which has 18 apartments, a cinema, game room and administrative offices. The Toca received the Brazil three times. Twice it was in preparation for the 1982, 1986 World Cups and also in 1983 Seleção Brasileira de Novos which won the Pan-America Indianapolis that year. With the inauguration of the Toca da Raposa II in 2002, the Toca do Raposa I became strictly used for youth development only. It is also used though for international exchange of athletes in formation, mostly Japan and Korea. Besides being a sporting facility, Cruzeiro also helps provide education to the athletes there from the Escola Alternativa com ensino Fundamental e Médio, with specific hours for the 200 athletes/students.
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