Tolgsky Monastery (Russian: Свято-Введенский Толгский монастырь) is located on the river Volga near Yaroslavl, Russia. It was built near the place, where Tolgskaya Icon of the Most Holy Mother of God appeared to the Rostov Sainted-hierarch Prokhor, schema-name Tryphon (Russian: Прохор, в схиме Трифон). Going about his diocese, on 8 August 1314 the saint was stopped with the approach of night 7 versts distant from Yaroslavl, at the right bank of river Volga, near the place where river Tolga flows into it. At midnight, when everyone was asleep, the saint awoke and saw a bright light illuminating the surroundings. The light proceeded from a fiery column on the other bank of the river. The saint went across to the other bank, and having approached the fiery column, he beheld on it the icon of the Most Holy Mother of God, suspended in the air. He sending servants and they also reported, that in the forest amidst the trees they had seen an icon of the Mother of God. After fervent prayer in front of the icon, they cleared the forest at that place, and put down the foundations of a church. By midday the church was already built, and in the evening the saint consecrated it in honour of the Entrance ("Vvedenie") into the Temple of the Most Holy Mother of God, and having installed the icon there he established a feastday on the day of its appearance. Later there was built a monastery. In the year 1392 the icon began to exude fragrant healing oil (“myrrh”). This icon considered one of the great “miracle-working” icons.
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