Of hardened reinforced concrete, the below ground command post is itself more than five times the size of the original A Building. The underground command post has 24-inch thick walls and base floor, with 10-inch thick intermediate floors, and 24-to-42-inch thick roof; blast- and gas-proof doors; and, ramped tunnels with non-skid surfacing and decontamination areas connecting to an extended tunnel leading up to the aboveground office building. The final ramped tunnel is eight-foot in diameter, with two-foot thick reinforced concrete walls.

As the nerve center of the United States Strategic Command, the USSTRATCOM Command Center is prepared to transmit National Command Authority directives to strategic aircraft, submarines and missile forces.

The USSTRATCOM Command Center is located in the Underground Command Complex. Also located within this complex are the Intelligence Operations Center, Weather Support Center, Force Status Readiness Center, the Alternate Processing and Correlation Center [APCC]and other support offices.

The Alternate Processing and Correlation Center [APCC] provides an alternate missile warning correlation center to Cheyenne Mountain Air Station (CMAS) for USSPACECOM, and is the prime source of missile warning data for USSTRATCOM for force survival and force management.
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