The MAR Proteus is an experimental watercraft developed by Marine Advanced Research. The MAR Proteus is the first vessel of the Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel-type. The vessel was developed by Ugo Conti. Because of its use of four legs connecting the superstructure to the outriggers, the ship has earned the nickname of "The Spider Ship" or "Spider Boat". The unusual design attracted public attention during early trials, before it even had a registration number.

Proteus is a Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel (designed for military uses, biological studies, ocean exploration and sea rescue). It is a lightweight, low cost and modular craft, which can travel 5,000 miles (8,000 km) on 2,000 imperial gallons (9,100 L) of diesel fuel. Proteus will be able to launch and recover automatic vehicles as well as engage in remote vehicle operations.
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