A ”body farm”: It sounds like something from a horror movie or murder mystery.

At WCU, it’s an innovative learning opportunity for forensic anthropology students. The decomposition research station—irreverently referred to as a "body farm"—is a living lab where students and researchers can get a close-up, long-term look at what happens when a human body decomposes. It’s also pretty unique: WCU’s “body farm” is only the second facility of its kind nationwide.

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@ 2008-12-03 17:20:32
Western is unique in its forensics program because it has a facility where corpses are dumped and allowed to decompose so students can study them.

The site provides invaluable experience for forensic students. They get to work hands on with an actual human corpse and see the rate of decomposition.

The research at Western will give a better understanding of how bodies decompose in the North Carolina mountains.

Williams and Assistant Professor of Anthropology Cheryl Johnston gave The Smoky Mountain News a tour of the facility but asked that its exact location not be revealed, other than across N.C. 107 from the Western campus. A tall fence with barbed wire on top surrounds the facility. It is on state land and measures about 50 feet by 50 feet.