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AKpilotEMT picture
@ 2005-12-20 02:40:59
If i was so inclined, how can I visit? What's the island's name? Or is Island near Karachi the island's name?
shaheen picture
@ 2005-12-20 03:37:46
I m really sorry abt the name. This is under Karachi Port Trust. I discovered it in Google Earth, never seen b4.
romulusnr picture
@ 2006-04-10 18:55:14
These are part of the Baba Bhit district of Kiamari Town. Apparently this is made up of Baba Island and Bhit Island.'s coords nail this one as Bhit Island, with Baba Island to the north.

What's interesting is that Pak govt says there are supposed to be 3 islands here, but there only appear to be 2. The missing one is Shamspir Island, which doesn't have either.

The islands are fishing communities, decrepit, and have water supply issues.