Fire Training Area

Fire Training Area

Cincinnati, Ohio (OH), US
Fire training area in Cincinnati, OH near 275


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@ 2007-07-13 09:29:53
Welcome to VGT! Your first map is a Bird's Eye View (BEV) map. That one isn't as straight forward to submit as just copying the URL. You'll have to learn how to build up the URL. Everyone goes through this so don't worry about it. Once you've done a few it'll become second nature.
We've all been through it a couple of times too since Microsoft keeps screwing with the format.,

Here's what you submitted:

That just gives the sat view, not the BEV view.

Copy just the portion containing the long/lat from that URL


Now click on the "Switch to Bird's Eye View" button. Zoom in and get pick N,E,S or W view but don't move reposition the map.

Now click "View Permalink " on the Share menu which gives you:

Double click on the "qj730r7yg76c" just after "cp=". That is the encoded long/lat that you need to paste your previously copied "39.247339~-84.610128" onto.

Now you have the URL: