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kjfitz picture
@ 2005-07-07 16:47:41
The stadium's name at University of Nebraska is Lincoln Memorial Stadium.
jogeek picture
@ 2005-07-08 21:24:08
well, no one here calls it that. I've lived here nearly my entire life and I've never heard it called that. just Memorial Stadium. and by the way I think I submitted this as The University of Nebraska, not the stadium.
TexasAndroid picture
@ 2005-07-08 23:23:19
You originally submitted it as both, I beleive. At the least, submitting it with the thumbnail focused on the stadium draws the focus to the stadium.

Anyway, since we cannot change the thumbnail. could I get you to please submit a separate entry for the college itself, with a broader focused thumbnail?

As for the name, Memorial Stadium is a little too generic for the site. How about "Memorial Stadium at University of Nebraska".