People Doing Things Scavenger Hunt Results

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People Doing Things Scavenger Hunt Results

Wednesday, Oct 1 2014 by kjfitz
Congratulations winners and a big thanks to all the players. We had a lot of good posts in this return to the regular scavenger hunts. Thank you!

The clear winner with 94 points was jdubble07. In second came tallturtle82 with 70 points. In thirs place was Tyco with 38 points. We had nine contestants this time.

The final results are:

jdubble07 - 94 points
tallturtle82 - 70 points
Tyco - 38 points
LancelotLink - 17 points
WacoKidd110 - 11 points
Mike1989 - 7 points
Fab - 2 points
fin - 2 points
adrbr - 1 points

Many thanks to all who played. Look for another one soon!

Here are a few of my favorites: