Photo Safari #10 - Results

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Photo Safari #10 - Results

Wednesday, Jul 20 2011 by kjfitz
Wow. By Sunday I was ready to write off the Safaris as having run their course. I figured everyone had had their fill of them since there had been so few posts from anyone but adrbr. Little did I know that you folks were adapting and strategizing. A last minute tsunami of posts struck the queue with overwhelming shock and awe. The other players have come up with a successful strategy to deal with adrbr and daggerwell prevailed. Well played, sir. kkeps and WacoKidd110 also deserve kudos for a very strong showing. Good job all around.

The final results:

162 maps submitted.

1. daggerwell - 58 points
2. adrbr - 53 points
3. kkeps - 28 points
4. WacoKidd110 - 21 points
5. milwhcky - 2 points

Tune back in at midnight for the next Safari! We'll ride this one as far as it'll go.