Photo Safari #110 - Silly Stuff

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Photo Safari #110 - Silly Stuff

Thursday, Oct 10 2013 by kjfitz
Your challenge this week is to find people being silly. There have been a bunch of posts from offices with people posing in silly ways and doing funny things. Feel free to mine those while seeking out more. This week we'll loosen the rules up a bit and allow multiple posts from within the same vicinity so going back to previously found offices is fine. The Google Offices are another good source of silliness. Please avoid posting the same subject from more than one angle though.

Post your finds to Street View - Safari Submission and Street View - Events - People doing Interesting Things for credit. The safari will end at 0700 on Wednesday, October 16.

Good luck and happy hunting!178379

Here are a few examples:

(unknown map #178382)