Photo Safari #12 - Results

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Photo Safari #12 - Results

Wednesday, Aug 3 2011 by kjfitz
Another great safari. This one had lots of posts; many from countries outside of the US. We also had a new leader. kuressaare, already the king of vehicle posts, established an early lead and kept it. The usual leaders never came close. The recent leaders adrbr and daggerwell brought up strong second and third places. At 260 posts this safari beat the max number of posts in a single game (by one map). Good job people!

260 maps submitted.

1. kuressaare - 103 points
2. adrbr - 89 points
3. daggerwell - 41 points
4. kkeps - 12 points
5. LancelotLink - 9 points
6. WacoKidd110 - 4 points
7. milwhcky - 2 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Be sure to tune back tonight at midnight for the next safari. The best parts is yet to come!