Photo Safari #34 - Results

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Photo Safari #34 - Results

Wednesday, Jan 4 2012 by kjfitz
This was the second slow safari in a row that was completely dominated by Matheus_. It looks like our Brazilian duo will continue to lead these contests until someone steps up to challenge them. Can they be unseated? Far behind first place kkeps valiantly held off adrbr to hold onto a close second. Good job on a solid performance!

The final results are:

263 maps submitted.

Matheus_ - 163 points
kkeps - 32 points
adrbr - 28 points
WacoKidd110 - 18 points
daggerwell - 10 points
Lucky70 - 8 points
giove - 4 points

Tune back in at midnight to show us how its done in another Photo Safari!