Photo Safari #34 - Sports Arenas

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Photo Safari #34 - Sports Arenas

Thursday, Dec 29 2011 by kjfitz
After last week's toughie I'll go easy on you this week. You'll be seeking out sports arenas. Kudos for odd-ball sports. Super Kudos if it is provably a professional or semi-professional sports team/individual in action. Post your stadiums, arenas, fields, courses, etc. to Street View - Buildings - Misc for credit. Be sure to post the venue's URL. As usual the game ends at midnight next Tuesday.

NOTE: Unfortunately I'm not accepting waymarking, streetviewfun or any of the other SV collection sites as More Info URLs in the Safaris anymore. Those links don't really add any value to the post for people who come behind you and look at your posts. Think of the children!!!

Have fun and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples: