Photo Safari #45 - Things in Roundabouts

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Photo Safari #45 - Things in Roundabouts

Thursday, Mar 15 2012 by kjfitz

This week your mission is to find art and follies in roundabouts. Throughout Europe (mostly) the intersections of many roads contains a roundabout. Often these roundabouts house interesting art pieces. Let's see what we can find.

A few rules though. I'm looking for interesting art, sculpture, displays, interesting things, and follies. I'm not looking for generic fountains, poles, construction equipments, buildings, etc. If you find yourself writing a generic "Fountain" or "Statue" then you missed the point. Look carefully at the examples below to get a better idea of what I'm looking for. Also, if you can't get a very clear thumbnail, pass on it and go on to your next post. We're starting to get a lot of blurry thumbnails in which the item can't be made out. Those kind of miss the point of these safaris, which is to post cool stuff.

The safari will end at midnight next Tuesday. Post to Street View - Safari Submissions and Land - Roads - Interchanges.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are some examples: