Photo Safari #52 - Results

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Photo Safari #52 - Results

Wednesday, May 9 2012 by kjfitz
Once again we have adrbr back in the front of the pack by a wide margin with more than half of the maps posted this week. WacoKidd110 did a fine job moving into second while yet again maintaining his other job of filling out the museum art works,. Kudos, Waco! kkeps turned in a strong third place too. Good job everyone.

The final results are:

225 maps submitted.

adrbr - 119 points
WacoKidd110 - 38 points
kkeps - 25 points
Mike1989 - 19 points
chixixoplix - 13 points
daggerwell - 11 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Tune back in at midnight to double down on the next safari!