Photo Safari #65 - Cemeteries

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Photo Safari #65 - Cemeteries

Thursday, Aug 2 2012 by kjfitz
You guessed it! First they got massacred (#63), then they got hauled off (#64). Now we have to bury them. This week you're looking for Cemeteries. Not just any post of a cemetery will do though. I'm looking for unusual cemeteries, mass graves, old ornate entrances, National Cemeteries, and WWI and WWII battlefield cemeteries. So keep them interesting with good thumbnails. No single graves either.

Post your Street View finds to Street View - Safari Submission and Land - Cemeteries and include a relevant More Info link. (no or other geolocation sites, please.) The safari will end at 0700 UTC on August 8, 2012.

Happy hunting and knock 'em dead!

Here are a few examples: