Photo Safari #69 - Back to School

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Photo Safari #69 - Back to School

Thursday, Sep 6 2012 by kjfitz
Its back to school time. As mlc1us pointed out yesterday, Google Street View just added more than 150 universities to their collection of imagery. There are lots more universities besides where the Google car drove around and through them.

Your mission this week is to post university seals and signs. Not sports mascots though. Basically a text sign or flag or art, on campus, with the school's name on it. You'll need a Wikipedia (preferably) or university web site More Info link. Post your finds to Street View - Safari Submission and Street View - Art - Advertising, Signs, Billboards and Writing for credit. The safari will end at 0700 UTC on Wednesday, September 12.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples: