Photo Safari #8 - Results

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Photo Safari #8 - Results

Wednesday, Jul 6 2011 by kjfitz
Wow, what an amazing safari. You posted way more entries than any other safari so far. Congratulations to adrbr blew the doors off this time. The race for second and third stayed very tight with only a six point spread at the end of the race. I had thought we'd get a bunch of airport apron shots of airliners but (do I sound like a broken record) y'all continue to exceed my expectations with your high quality posts. Way to go!

180 maps submitted.

1. adrbr - 92 points
2. daggerwell - 31 points
3. WacoKidd110 - 29 points
4. kkeps - 25 points
5. alfjon - 2 points
6. Dania - 1 points

Tune back at midnight for another grrrreat safari!