Scavenger Hunt Home Stretch

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Scavenger Hunt Home Stretch

Thursday, Nov 15 2012 by kjfitz
We have one day left to the scavenger hunt and there are still a couple categories with no posts.

Happy New Year sign

Happy New Year
King of the Mountain jersey

Yellow jersey & Polka dot jersey at a souvenir shop

The standings right now are:

adrbr - 100 points
kkeps - 96 points
giove - 81 points
WacoKidd110 - 73 points
daggerwell - 65 points
Mike1989 - 55 points
Dania - 33 points
kuressaare - 33 points
SpiderX22 - 27 points
Tyco - 16 points

There is still lots of time for some major changes in the standings between now and midnight tomorrow.

Have fun!