This Week's Birthdays - Week of April 23

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This Week's Birthdays - Week of April 23

Monday, Apr 23 2012 by kjfitz
April 23, 1858 – Max Planck, German physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1947)

Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics
April 24, 1964 - Djimon Gaston Hounsou is a two-time Academy Award-nominated Beninois actor and model.

Calvin Klein ad (model Djimon Hounsou)
April 25, 1599 - Oliver Cromwell was an English military and political leader who overthrew the English monarchy and temporarily turned England into a republican Commonwealth, and served as Lord Protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Statue of Oliver Cromwell
April 26, 1564 - William Shakespeare was an English poet and playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist.

William Shakespeare statue
April 27, 1822 - Ulysses S. Grant (born Hiram Ulysses Grant) was the 18th President of the United States (1869–1877) as well as military commander during the Civil War and post-war Reconstruction periods.

Ulysses S. Grant statue
April 28, 1402 - Nezahualcóyotl (Classical Nahuatl: "Coyote in fast" or "Coyote who Fasts") was a philosopher, warrior, architect, poet and ruler (tlatoani) of the city-state of Texcoco in pre-Columbian Mexico.

April 29, 1899 - Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington was an American composer, pianist, and big band leader.

Duke Ellington Mural