Transient Street View Scavenger Hunt Results

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Transient Street View Scavenger Hunt Results

Saturday, Nov 17 2012 by kjfitz

Hey, that was fun. Everyone went all in on this and we had some really great posts. Thank you all around!

In the end it was quite the squeaker with only one point between second and third. After a bit of shuffling at the start adrbr maintained a solid but shrinking hold on first until the very end. WacoKidd110 made a last minute surge but kkeps was able to hold him off for second.

The final results are:

Final Standings:

adrbr - 107 points
kkeps - 99 points
WacoKidd110 - 98 points
giove - 81 points
daggerwell - 72 points
Mike1989 - 55 points
Dania - 48 points
kuressaare - 35 points
SpiderX22 - 28 points
Tyco - 16 points

Here are a few of my favorites: