Unexplained (Mini Thumbnails)

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1947 Roswell Crash Site; UFO
Bermuda Triangle
Hell Town
Skinwalker Ranch
Frightening Blood-red Reservoir in Baghdad
Overgrown Mansion on North Brother Island
Mysterious Toynbee Tile
2007-11-02 - Another sinkhole threatens Russia
Location of the Baigong Pipes
Loch Ness Monster!
Large undewater object near kayak far from shore
Another Blood-red pool in Baghdad
Robert Johnson's Crossroads
Now you see it now you don't. Odd disappearing desert encampment.
Face of Jesus Christ?
Concealed Yacht
Mysterious Citigroup Mansion
Flying Saucers (?)
Strange Plane Impression in farmer's field
Ufo Crash on Anapa Beach (2 of 2)
You are in my driveway!
Alien Spacecraft
Nazca Spiral
Censorsed or Imaging Error?
Strange Debris
Strange Sign
Ghost in car?
Large Ice Bubble
Cthulhu's Tomb
Unusual Contrail similar to Aurora Reports
Strange Markings
English Nessie?
Strange Vessels
Hanging Lion
Leeds Point - supposed birthplace of the Jersey Devil
Mysterious stone spheres of Costa Rica
The Kraken?
Loch Ness Monster??
Band of Holes
Ufo Crash on Anapa Beach (1 of 2)
Mysterious Large Airplane Near The CIA
Balloons or aliens???
Mystery Craters
Newport Tower
Bugarach – The French Village That Will Survive 2012 Armageddon
The Newby Church ghost
11:11 at Austin Peay State University
Special Part
Creepy face
Beverly Hills' Take on Lawn Ornaments?
"Earthquake Epicenter"
The House of Mystery at the Oregon Vortex
Adolf Hitler's Argentine "Berghof"
Strange Object on Runway
UFO or submarine in the desert???
Haunted Clovis Manor
White dot
Murder scene?
Zodiac Killer - Lake Berryessa attack
Submarine (?) in Motion
Myrtles Plantation
Odd Markings
Mystery Structure
Zodiac Killer - Lake Herman Road attack
Bobby Mackey's Haunted Honky-Tonk
Melbourne Zoo labeled in Russian
Marfa Lights
Ocean Club (Disappearance of Madeleine McCann)
Herd of Spheres
Burger Chef murders
Strange buildings in the Nevada desert.
Stitching error in Italy
Lake Windermere Monster ripples??
Zodiac Killer - Blue Rock Springs attack
Mystery ball of light
Strange face (?)
Mystery trucks in the desert
Space Alien
UFO or a Streetlight?
Zodiac Killer - Presidio Heights attack
Possible Zodiac Killer - Santa Barbara attack
'Help Us' on roof
Dyatlov Pass incident site
Possible Zodiac Killer - Riverside attack
1994 Cando event site
Entity house
Roopkund Mystery Lake
Get your arm out of there!!!
Warning sign on Highway 16 stating "Girls don't hitchhike".
Stepping Hill Hospital
Abandoned Nike Shoes
Could be a plane... or an alien spacecraft emerging from a worm hole...
Hanging Bowler hat in the window
AMIA bombing site
Old Man's Face
Save the Power Poles?