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Chicxulub Crater
2001-09-21 - AZF explosion crater
Lake Cheko (possible Tunguska Impact Crater)
Amboy crater
Lake Manicouagan Reservoir
Barringer Crater
Crater Lake
Craters of the Moon National Monument
World War II bombing craters
Söderfjärden meteorite crater
5 Mile Radius Crater
Acraman Impact Crater
Ramgarh Crater
New Found Kebira Crater Between Egypt and Libya
Aorounga Crater
New Quebec impact crater
Ngorongoro Crater
Lonar crater
Roden Crater, site of massive James Turrell sculpture
Bosumtwi crater/lake
Butajira crater
Roter Kamm crater
Kara-Kul meteor crater
Aouelloul Crater
Mystery Craters
Tenoumer Impact Crater
Dziani Dzaha Crater Lake
Ring of Craters, Algeria
Wonchi Crater and lake
Tabun-Khara-Obo crater
Tsenkher impact crater in Mongolia
SP Crater
Galapagos Island Beach
Sunset Crater National Monument
Araguainha Impact Crater
Possible crater in Western Sahara
Gweni-Fada crater
Spider Crater
North Korean Crater
Odessa crater
Hopi Buttes volcanic field
Clearwater East and West Craters
Gosses Bluff Crater
Arkenu craters 1 and 2
Lappajärvi meteor crater
El'gygytgyn crater/lake
Rano Raraku
Ouarkziz Crater
Impact crater in Manitoba
Monturaqui crater
Jänisjärvi crater
Mistastin Crater
Paasselkä impact crater
Possible impact crater?
Upheaval Dome crater
Ramon Crater
Mars on Earth - Haughton Crater
Henbury Meteorite Craters
Mien crater/lake
Oasis Crater
Vredefort Dome
Tundra Craters on Baffin Island
Zhamanshin meteorite crater
'Campo del Cielo' Impact Area
Shoemaker Impact Crater
Crater of Mount Fuji and Ken-ga-mine
Wolfe Creek crater
Gale Crater (Curiosity rover landing site)
Serra da Cangalha impact crater
Liverpool crater
Mt. Toondina impact crater
Nabiyotum Crater
Tin Bider crater
Lawn Hill crater
Koko Crater
Syrian volcano craters
Vargeão Dome
Ilumetsa Crater
Öskjuvatn Crater Lake
Ubehebe Crater
Riachao Ring crater
Rano Kau
Pilot crater/lake
Tswaing crater
Serra da Cangalha Crater
Meteor Crater
Homestead Crater
Bajada del Diablo (Devil's Slope) Impact region
Lunar Crater National Natural Landmark
Shunak crater
Amguid crater
Halemaumau Crater
Ubehebe Crater
Is this a volcano or what?!
Coffeepot Crater
Big Hole
'Liss Ard Gardens Resort Crater' by James Turrell
Boeddicker Crater
Beer Crater